Advisory Board

  • James Robert Kass, PhD
  • Director, James R Kass Space Consulting
  • Alan S. Kennedy – Bolam
  • FRSM, FASI - C.E.O. Institute of Remote Health Care
  • M.Ch.(Neurosurgery), FACS, FICS, FAMS Ph.D - Chief Advisory member
  • Bill J. Coleman, MBA, PhD
  • President/CEO Corbia International
  • Marco A. Demarmels, MD, eMBA
  • Chief Advisory member

  • Become a HCE Member and benefit from storing all your electronic medical records online to be accessible from anywhere in the world, anytime, with any device.
  • As a HCE Member you gain access to the Second Opinion Program from which you can benefit by accessing thousands of health professionals from around the world.
  • Contact us with any questions and our team will be delighted to help.
136 Rubiwood Cir. Greer South Carolina, USA 29651
  • +383 49 601 109
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