Health Professionals

Why health professionals join HCE?

Becoming HCE member as professional, you are entitled a permanent electronic medical record with possibility of sharing records with and from your patients. Additionally, your HCE professional member area enables you to keep track of all your medical services provided to your patients and offers a set of key reports for the data you collect.

With advanced sharing features, you have the possibility to receive shared records from your patients and also share with them their respective records (whether they are HCE members or not). HCE platform may be the central information system for your medical data, and as such, you can access it from anywhere in the world, from any device.

Being HCE member as a health professional, you are given the opportunity to participate on the Second Opinion program. Second Opinion program facilitates the offering of the second opinion for patients. By providing Second Opinion on agreed cases, health professionals get paid for their contribution.

Share Data Instantly

It used to take day to transfer studies on CDs via courier service. With HCE, imaging and associated reports can be exchanged electronically in minutes.

Secure Messaging

Instant, HIPAA compliant messaging allows care providers to communicate in real-time.

Query/Retrieve PACS

By leveraging HCE’s query and retrieve functionality, authorized users can search the systems of other providers to find studies.

Remote Access and Viewing

Images can be accessed and launched from HCE’s viewer on any Mac, PC or tablet with Internet connection.

Professional Membership Fee
In return for your permanent electronic medical records for all your patients and access to the second opinion program from which you may earn money, you will pay a symbolic fee of $10 a month.
Become a Member and:
  1. 1. Manage Patients' EMRs
  2. 2. Provide SO and get paid
  3. 3. Cross-border Cooperation

Become a Member

  • Become a HCE Member and benefit from storing all your electronic medical records online to be accessible from anywhere in the world, anytime, with any device.
  • As a HCE Member you gain access to the Second Opinion Program from which you can benefit by accessing thousands of health professionals from around the world.
  • Contact us with any questions and our team will be delighted to help.
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